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What Is Sex? Essay

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In today's diverse society it is difficult to say what "counts as sex." America as a whole, is made up of a range of people with different perceptions and ideals instilled in them since a small age. Although we all come from different parts of the world, most people think of penetration when the subject of sex is touched, which eventually has led me to believe this to be sex. In many cultures it is believed that the act of having sex should be for the most part, to procreate. In our time, sex is not clearly defined either.

In today's adolescent culture, teens for the most part do not feel that sex should be reserved until marriage. Rather, types of sex can happen in couples who are ...view middle of the document...

This is seen in youth today.

On the other hand, the older generation feels that sex in all its form is "something special." The belief is that the couple should wait until marriage, and only then should

sex be used to procreate. Technically, other forms of sex exist, but people give it a higher regard to intercourse. The reason is because ideally it is more intimate and there is eye contact along with a wide range of kissing and caressing. This is something the other types of sex might lack. Part of the reason I believe this "counts as sex" is because this is the way I feel it should be. Then there is also the external factors that influence me like morals, friends, and society as a whole.

Sex is a controversial topic where I think everyone will have their own idea of what counts as sex. The reason this happens is because people come from different backgrounds and are affected by various external factors. I think intercourse to be sex. Intercourse is the closest to what sex was originally meant to be. In the Clinton-Lewinsky affair, it was oral sex that took place, though technically it is believed to be sex by some. I feel that anything that is not intercourse is not sex. That is why Clinton said that he did not have sex with that woman. When he said that, he was obviously looking out for his career, but I actually agree with him.

Sexual relationships don’t mean sexual intercourse. To me, sexual intercourse is sex. Today, there is still uncertainty of what exactly is sex. In the end though, there is the idea that going all the way counts as sex. This is what I also believe counts as sex to be.

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