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What Is Relevant? Essay

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It's ironic that the question of 'what is relevant?' poses absolutely no relevance to anyone. Questions such as these request personal opinions, rather than actual answers. Different lives hold different experiences, and different experiences yield different opinions to various issues. In other words, what one might consider to be important may have no significance to another. One who has been detrimentally affected by crime will have different opinions to a criminal, especially on the topic of the relevance of justice. If one assumes that the question of 'what is relevant?' possesses a singular answer, which may also be considered true, that answer may be thought of as the truth, [not merely a truth]. (A truth is defined as the truth of an individual, while the truth is the truth of a corporate entity, or simply, the human race). However, most of man lives in denial of the truth, and places his beliefs and trust in a truth of his own, ...view middle of the document...

Relevance could be the vital importance of well-being to the desired entity, or perhaps the connectedness of two entities, which are said to be relevant to each other. That entity may be an issue or a topic, it may be a solid object - it may be living thing. Humans are believed to possess the two entities of mind and body - both of which are interconnected, and both of which can be developed by acts of well-being. In one such example, food is relevant to the body because food is vital for the body's well-being. Education can be seen to be a vital importance to the mind, for without it, one would not understand the required action to maintain the body, and the mind cannot live without the body. We consider the combination of both such entities to be the essence of life itself.If we return to man's survival, self-preservation by whatever means possible can be understood. Man will consume whatever is necessary, whatever is relevant, to maintain his own well-being, his own life. This maintenance, however, is somewhat dwarfed by man's consummation for desires - of which may not be healthy for the body, but enhancing for the mind. These desires may not at first seem vital, but when critically deconstructed, it is clear to see that man has been designed for him to find purpose in pleasure. When man loses pleasure, he thus loses purpose, becoming depressed and hence taking his own life. Therefore, the enhancement of the mind is critical to man's self-preservation. This can be further proven by the reason why human reproduction is pleasurable for man. Should sexual intercourse be a painful procedure, man would abstain from reproducing and the human race would cease to multiply, thus dieing out within a generation or so. Since sexual intercourse is pleasurable, however, man does not abstain from its, per say, proceedings - and reproduction is continued - not by matter of man's choice, but by his desire for pleasure.But we are still lacking in the existence of the truth. Since the truth was earlier defined as being the singular answer to the question, 'what is relevant', the truth fulfills all of man's necessity. The truth maintains self-preservation for all mankind; but not only preservation, but pleasures also.

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