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What Is Plagiarism? Essay

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What is Plagiarism?
According to Black’s Law Dictionary plagiarism is “The act of appropriating the literary composition of another, or parts or passages of his writings, or the ideas or language of the same, and passing them off as the product of one’s own mind” (Black & Nolan, 1990, p. 1150). Stated another way, plagiarism is the pilfering of another’s hard work, while taking the credit for oneself. ‘The word ‘plagiarism’ comes from the Latin word plagiarius, which means ‘kidnapper.’ Writers commit plagiarism when they ‘kidnap’ someone else's work without acknowledging the source” (Hooker, 2006).
First of all there are countless explanations for why a student may plagiarize, in some ...view middle of the document...

With this in mind the importance of citation cannot be stressed enough in the avoidance, and controversy of plagiarism. Citing accurately gives credit to the source, in addition to providing a means for readers to review and evaluate the diligence put forth by the student (Sue, 2008). Furthermore, citation offers credence to the work by providing “outside support” (What is Plagiarism?). The following is an example of on improper citation. In writing, we draw upon others’ words and ideas and the intellectual heritage underlying human progress. Scholarship entails researching, understanding, and building upon the work of others, but also requires that proper credit be given for any “borrowed” material. This may be a very good example of the need to cite properly, the problem is that this plagiarized; it came from an outside source, and should have been cited as follows. “In writing, we draw upon others’ words and ideas and the intellectual heritage underlying human progress. Scholarship entails researching, understanding, and building upon the work of others, but also requires that proper credit be given for any ‘borrowed’ material” (Avoiding PLAGIARISM. 2006).
To clarify citing is the process of giving proper credit to the originator of an idea, thought process, discussion, literary work, or any other form of outside influence on the work of the student. There are ample ways for a student to achieve the desired outcome; one would be to use a direct quote, as discussed previously. It is essential that a writer know how and when to use direct quoting, this skill will develop over time with practice (Sue). Similarly a student can use paraphrasing to insure that proper credit is given when warranted, though caution must be used paraphrasing is the art of expressing someone else’s ideas in a new and different way. Paraphrasing is not simply coping and pasting the work of another and changing some of, or moving the words around. This requires some actual intellectual input from the writer, it is very important that the student express their own tangible ideas based on the information they have gathered, studied, and thoroughly researched (College Board). The encyclopedia of dog breeds “Contrary to its reputation the Rottweiler breed is biddable and loyal treated well and handled firmly” (Cunliffe, 1999, p. 284). The following are examples of improper and proper paraphrasing of the previous quote. When treated correctly the Rottweiler breed is compliant and devoted despite its reputation (Cunliffe, 1999, p. 284). With proper training the Rottweiler is an obedient and devoted...

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