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What Is Motivation, During Sport? Essay

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What motivates a team? Why do school pupils want to play hockey? What makes first team players want to spend their spare time playing Hockey?Motive: Latin for move, seen as a cause for behaviour that energise, direct and sustain a person's behaviour.(Ruben and McNiel, 1983)Being motivated is all about knowing what you want and believing in your ability to achieve it. It is very difficult to have motivation without purpose - that just tends to become hyperactivity or restlessness(Oxford Hypnotherapy)What are the goals, hopes and ambitions of a hockey player? Are these factors that motivate a player? Only a player can tell me this. I will include these questions in my questionnaire. Articles in magazines and newspapers as well as some coaching textbooks often suggest that socialisation is a major value of participating in youth sports. Is it the social aspect of hockey or the desire to win that ...view middle of the document...

If these are not fulfilled then a player will lose interest even more so younger players. The primary factors for players not continuing to play, is because they are not having fun, too much pressure to win, the coach is not doing a goo job, poor team cohesion and development of other interests outside sport. Only interests outside sport is an age related factor. As players grow older they prefer other interests rather than sport. This past research implies that it is the love of the sport, aspects of fun, opportunity to learn new skills and develop fitness that motivates people to play hockey."motives are learned needs which influence our behavior by leading us to pursue particular goals because they are socially valued" . Motivation strategy can be defined as a plan or design to define motivational goals. Is it these goals that motivate different teams to play their game. The goals of a player from the under 15s team will differ from the goals of a player from the first team. It is the difference of these goals that motivate these two teams to play hockey.From research players of a younger age have very different goals of that of a player playing first team hockey. Younger players, those from the under 15s team, have simple goals; personal goals. These goals are determined to be met, although if not little attention is paid to the failure. Whereas, players of first team ability have more serious fulfilling goals. Their goals are set on winning, for themselves or the team, and if not met great loss is displayed. It is these goals which do aid the motivation of a player to play hockey. Players are motivated by their goals. To succeed in their own goals, their team's achievements and their coaches wishes. These all contribute to how a player is motivated, these factors allow a player to be motivated to play their sport. This factor is shown in both teams, under 15s and first 11, although the goals and ambitions are different this factor acts as an impulse to play. set goals and ambitions are what motivates a player to play hockey.

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