What Is Internet And How Does It Work?

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What is Internet and how does it Work?
Radu Zatreanu
HS Web Design 10 B

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However, today’s concepts of online calling, socializing, or even banking were vague back then and represented gigantic ideals. The concept of “internet” did not really exist. Fifty-five years later, we are now able to access any information on the “World Wide Web”, make calls, watch movies, socialize and even dispose ourselves of total control over our house (remote control) through a click of a button and an internet connection. “First recorded “beginnings” of social interactions which could be enabled trough networking, represented numerous memos belonging to and written by J.C.R. Licklider of MIT in August 1962. He was telling of a “Galactic Network” – a global interconnection of computers concept. Everybody could quickly access any wanted data or program from different sites.” (“Brief History of the Internet”). “Few years later, in 1969, ARPANET program was presented to BBN and later on, ARPA was renamed to DARPA – The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. In 1973, TCP/IP is being developed as a sort of upgrade, enabling communications between computers on different networks. In 1983 it becomes the standard for internet protocol. 1983 becomes the year of the invention of the “Domain Name System” allowing domain names to be automatically assigned an IP number. Number of traffic and hosts rise and a replacement for he T1 lines is thought of as a solution. However, in 1989, ARPANET ceases to exist.” (“The History of the Internet”.) Later on, access is released publicly with the name of the “World Wide Web”, giving birth to many more hosts and speed development. Domain names were no longer free and in the mid 90’s, the first virtual bank got hosted on the internet as well as Pizza Hut’s first online ordering system. Soon it all turned into an addictive madness, people occasionally dying from spending too many hours in front of the computer and the internet respectively.
The internet, the one young technology that we can’t easily separate our lives from, is quite complex than one would imagine. It requires series of cables, servers, routers, modems, to transfer information between your personal computer and the “World Wide Web”. “It is important to divide the internet into two main components : the hardware and the protocols. The hardware is made out of each and every cable transferring terabits of information and your computer. Hardware can be made of anything able to capture internet signals, such as smartphones, radios, routers, etc. These are called clients, anything used to connect to the internet and access information. There are as well servers, stocking information up the internet and the transmission lines representing either signals or cables used to connect.” (“HowStuffWorks” – “How Does the Internet Work”). The hardware represents mainly the physical part of the internet. However, there’s also the second part which deals mainly with programming and that is all about protocols. “The protocols represent a set of rules that all...

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