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The society today is affected by the social medias, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. People measures their popularity and look on how many great comments and likes they got on their pictures or if they uploaded something on their wall. It’s especially young people who grow up in this world, who are affected on this new technological generation. The phenomenon and world is completely normal for them that they haven’t tried live in a world without this massive technological trend. Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts, is an essay written by Jonathan Franzen, that is based on a commencement speech he delivered at Kenyon College, Ohio, USA. Jonathan Franzen tries to remind people of ...view middle of the document...

You can all supply your own favorite, most nauseating examples of the commodification of love”. In the quote he explains how media, commodifies love in a nauseating way.

Jonathan Franzen draws attention to some interesting topics in his essay. Franzen draw attention to the fact that Facebook has influenced the English language, for example “like”. “Like” is now an action verb rather than a state of mind verb. Could this be the young generation’s ability to tell the difference between liking and loving? It’s naïve to believe that the whole generation ???

Jonathan Franzen’s way to keep the young audience interested is by talking of well known phenomena, for example Franzen use the phenomena “liking”, “friending”. People use these phenomena on Facebook when you like a picture or when you are friending someone. “Liking, in general, is commercial culture’s substitute for loving”. Jonathan Franzen argues that in our virtual world, we are self-centered and narcissistic in that way, that we only our filtered and flattering sides of ourselves to the world. He also consumer technology products help us to so, that’s why Franzen calls the “enablers of narcissism. Another way Jonathan Franzen keep the young audience interested is the way he speaks of his Blackberry phone as it was his girlfriend or partner., which makes it relevant for younger people, as many of them has that kind of connection to love. “Over the years bloom had faded from our relationship (…) I’d developed trust issues and some doubts about my Pearl’s very sanity”.

The message that Jonathan Franzen will out to the world with is that we should spend...

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