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What Is Globalisation And To What Extent Is The Contemporary World Actually Globalised?

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Derek McKenna LG119Student number: 10809341
Held and McGrew, 2003, p.4). Sceptics, like hyperglobalists, see the concept of globalisationin primarily economic terms. However, far from agreeing with them, the sceptics totallyreject the notion of globalisation as anything essentially new. For sceptics, the concept of globalisation is a convenient ideologically constructed myth that helps justify the neo-liberal,free market capitalist system (Held and McGrew, 2003, p.5). In line with Marxist thought,many sceptics consider capitalism to be imperialist in its search for new markets. This line of thought was most prominently developed by Lenin in his “Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism” ...view middle of the document...

In putting forward these viewpoints, the sceptics stand instark contrast to those of the hyperglobalists and the transformationalists.So, the three perspectives of globalisation each put forward differing viewpoints on whatglobalisation is, but are they in agreement on any points? For each perspective, the globalcapitalist system seems to be the core defining, driving feature of what globalisation is.Although each perspective takes a different slant on this, all seem to concur that the capitalistfree market based world economy is at the core of what globalisation is. Each perspectivediffers however on how the globalisation process impacts on politics. The hyperglobalistsargue that globalisation is leading the world into a period which will see the end of the nationstate and the emergence of a global governance system. The transformationalists on the other hand reject this idea, and instead claim that the nation state is still relevant in a globalised

Derek McKenna LG119Student number: 10809341
world, but needs to adapt to the challenges that the increasing flows of capital and cultureimpose. The sceptics agree that the nation state is relevant, but in contrast to thetransformationalists they suggest that it has not become any less relevant by the supposedglobalisation process. Instead they argue that they nation state still holds supremesovereignty to impose taxes, regulate and control its economic affairs. On the issue of cultural flows there is again divergence amongst the perspectives. For hyperglobalists, the path towards a homogenous world culture is inevitable as globalisation develops. For...

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