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What Is Computer Security? Essay

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Computer security (Also known as cybersecurity or IT Security) is information security as applied to computers and networks.
The field covers all the processes and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. Computer security also includes protection from unplanned events and natural disasters.

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That way even if an attacker gains access to that part, they have only limited access to the whole system.
Automated theorem proving to prove the correctness of crucial software subsystems.
Code reviews and unit testing are approaches to make modules more secure where formal correctness proofs are not possible.
Defense in depth, where the design is such that more than one subsystem needs to be violated to compromise the integrity of the system and the information it holds.
Default secure settings, and design to "fail secure" rather than "fail insecure" (see fail-safe for the equivalent in safety engineering). Ideally, a secure system should require a deliberate, conscious, knowledgeable and free decision on the part of legitimate authorities in order to make it insecure.
Audit trails tracking system activity, so that when a security breach occurs, the mechanism and extent of the breach can be determined. Storing audit trails remotely, where they can only be appended to, can keep intruders from covering their tracks.
Full disclosure to ensure that when bugs are found the "window of vulnerability" is kept as short as possible.

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