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What Is Beauty Essay

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What is Beauty?
Beauty is one of the most complex aspects of life. The definition of beauty has been debated for as long as humans walked the earth. Today’s society has been forced to believe in the stereotypes that magazines or fashion designers created. Raina Kelly argued in her article, “Beauty Is Defined, and Not By You”, that in order to be beautiful you must be “…white, young, thin with long, straight hair…” She continues to say that if your image does not fit that criteria then you are not beautiful. There will never be a set definition of beauty because it is an opinion based subject. People also concur that beauty is the ability to appeal to the senses. There are two types of ...view middle of the document...

Weight is should not be a factor of appearance, instead it should be a concern of health. Instead of worrying about if you can fit into that size two pair of pants women should worry about living long enough to see their grandchildren grow up. Weight seems to be a growing issue in society. Haygood gives the stats on fourth and fifth graders weight, “of 277, eight of those fourth- and fifth- graders were underweight, 135 were healthy 49 were overweight and 85 were obese. People who are overweight are concerned about what other people think about their appearance rather than their health. Haygood writes about how there are no full length mirrors in the front rooms of Carlin and Britney home because they do not want to face themselves. They are often ridiculed due to their size although, but people do not look past it and see their true kind nature and heart. Beauty is being able to accept who you are and being happy with yourself.
Mental beauty can consist of many things as well such has one’s integrity, work ethic, kindness, wisdom, and so on. The saying “your attitude makes you ugly”, goes a long way. If you are constantly rude and disrespectful to others you are considered an ugly person. This does not mean someone’s physical appearance changed it simply means you have a negative kind of vibe that no one wants to be around. Integrity plays a big role in this, people need to know they can trust others. An example of integrity would be cheating, such as cheating on a test cheating on a partner and so on. In the article “the scholar shadow” it describes cheaters as “lazy rich kids”. There is nothing worst then a spoiled rich kid who sits around bossing others around. It shows a lack of dedication and no moral drive. There is a balance between the two though. Too much dedication to one subject can cause an unbalance....

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