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What Is Art? Essay

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Art is a practice that refers to the decisions and actions that affect choices, perceptions, ways of working and views of an artist. You are capturing your impressions of a scene before you. In art, you are able to make something beautiful out of the ordinary. There is a relationship between artists and the world around them, and the world is constantly changing.
Humans have always struggled to find a unique way of trying to express themselves and because of this concept of art formed. Art is considered by many to be the ultimate form of human expression. Many assume that art has a definition, but for me this is not the case. Art, it can be said, is “in the eye of the ...view middle of the document...

A picture can tell a thousand words and often stir up feelings inside the viewer. Art is all around us; buildings, electronic equipment like a computer, and even automobiles are all a form of art. Each one started out as an idea in someone’s head, and a design laid the basis for its creation. Many people only think of art as a sculpture or a work hanging in the gallery, but art is much more than that. Life, in a sense, could be considered art. The human body, nature, and everything that surrounds us is a marvel of creation and a wonderful work of art.
The still life projects really opened my eyes to another view on appreciating artwork and the artist. I wasn’t aware of how much goes into the artist’s process of expressing themselves into their artwork. The most difficult thing for me while creating my still life was the usage of colors to give the image a sense of depth. When it comes to stenciling out the image I can create a sense of depth fairly easily, but the addition of color starts to decrease this sense because I’m not very good at balancing them.
It can be seen that art is not just one thing. It is a combination of ideals, which have taken thousands of years to grow and develop. I personally feel that art is not something that we can define or even begin to describe. Art is to much a part of life to single out on it’s own and define. Trying to write a summary on a general view of what art is virtually impossible. Art, inside of every person is seen as something different and unique making the definition of art vary for every person.

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