What Is An American Essay

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What is an American?

By Bryan Butler

To be an American is to question authority and fight for what you believe in. To be an American is to strive for that impossible dream no matter what it takes. Being an American means that you stand by your neighbor when our homes are threatened. Being an American gives you the right to fight for the freedoms our ancestors had given up so much for.
An American is a person that is willing to fight for what he or she believes in. In 1861, eleven states declared their secession from the United States of America. Over four years where some of the most gruesome battles were fought over economic, social and political views. While the example given is not a pretty picture, it is a prime example of what it means to be a true ...view middle of the document...

They had no idea what to expect, but it did not matter to them. Those settlers dreamt of a life without the chains of English society, and they would march through whatever fire they had to go through to live that dream. For some it meant death, and for others it meant life on the run. But, you can be sure that at the end of their lives, those settlers knew that they had given every last ounce of being in hopes of finally catching their dreams.
An American is willing to stand united with their neighbors to fight for the greater good. If society is threatened on our own soil, we shall take to arms and defend our land until our last breath. These beliefs are what founded America in the first place.
We survived as a nation because we stood together. And divided as singular entities, we shall fall. An American would not let their government get away with such atrocities as have passed right under our noses in recent history. An American would stand and rally his or her neighbors and take that solidarity right to the white house. I don't believe there are many Americans left in this great land of ours. And the Americans that are left are outnumbered or too quiet to be heard.
Many people, in fact most of America, has forgotten what it means to be an American. The majority of people living in this great land of freedom are only concerned with themselves and how they look on the outside. A perfect example of this is the number of people who will walk blindly by crimes being committed without a second thought about trying to help the victim. Many citizens these days are relaxed and content with mediocrity. Willing to let their dreams pass them by so as not to actually work for what they want to achieve. Most would not even put up a fight for what they believe in. This, in my eyes is why the American way is lost.

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