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What Is A Story Essay

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Benjamin Kluvers English Comp. 100
January 21, 14

On the morning of August 9th I woke up at two o’clock in the morning about to embark on a long journey to Fort Kent Maine. This was a place that I used to call home back in 2008-2009. Driving from the northwest suburbs of Chicago all the way to the tiptop of Maine. The reason I used to call this place home was because this is not the first time I have attended school here at University of Maine at Fort Kent. Being only 18 at the time and fresh out of high school I did not understand what it was truly like to be out on my own with no parental supervision and no day-by-day guidance. Now in 2013 going back to UMFK I had a ...view middle of the document...

Not really tuning into the fact that if I did not have all this complete would result in all letter grades finalizing as F’s. During the entire trip I noticed everyone else except me taking the time to do all this work, but I had other ideas. I was in California for Christ’s sake. To go from below zero temperatures to 60-70 degree days for two weeks, I wanted to be outside doing much better things then typing out papers and so on. As we finally arrived back in Fort Kent I was empty handed. I had not completed one ounce of work that was due the day I got back. At the time I did not think much of it, but looking back now I wish I could just slap some sense in to my head. I mean how could I not care about my future not even a little bit. Going home from break my parents were really upset and disappointed with me knowing that I was capable of so much more. So of course I gave my parents a huge apology and said that, “I will perform up to the standards that I am capable of and erase what I did this past semester and prove that I belong to UMFK and will work as hard as I possibly can”. This was all just to get my parents off my back so I could just get away from them again and not have to be babysat like I did when I was at home. So coming...

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