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What Is A Good Source Essay

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What is a Good Resource?
University Of Phoenix


June 22, 2010

What is a Good Resource?
In preparation of writing an assessment for Lotus Rental Car’s CFO regarding the incorporation of alternative fuel vehicles to the fleet, legitimate references have been reviewed to ensure the best information and research for the analysis. The information provided by the selected resources shows research related to alternative fuel, cost, and the type of vehicles available in this market. Additionally, a conclusion has been made that a good resource has a credible author, appropriate information that has been properly researched, information that touches on the opposition, may review trial and error, and is a date relevant to the topic being discussed.
Statistics and figures are critical when making an assessment. Using the website provides reliable information regarding gas mileage for ...view middle of the document...

The web page gives tax incentives information, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon foot prints, and life cycles of these different vehicles which will be valuable information to the assessment. (U.S. Department of Energy, 2010)
An additional website, AOL Autos, provides comprehensive information on new hybrid vehicles. The research portion of the web site allows for comparisons of manufactures, modern vehicle technology, and styles of cars. Although similar to the previous resource, this website provides feedback and a perspective from a business or corporate standpoint, rather than the government. It is important to see an issue or task from several points of view. (AOL Auto, 2010)
Lastly, in the Wall Street Journal, a distinguished and responsible newspaper; author Gwendolyn Bonds wrote an article in 2006 discussing the trial and error of other companies who have used alternative fuel vehicles. The information in this article is crucial to Team A research because it provides a direct correlation between companies who have chosen to support alternative fuel and those who do not. This article has an appropriate date and deals with current technology. This article also touches on the financial aspect of using alternative fuel vehicles. (Bounds, 2006)
Reliable resources can make an outstanding paper. Persuading or convincing someone is always possible if the right information is presented. Any dishonesty or facts deemed inaccurate discredits the writer and can have a devastating outcome. To achieve excellent results requires researching not only the topic, but the authors providing the research. Up-to-date information and relevant knowledge also make for a good resource.


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