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What Is A Good Death Essay

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What is a good death?
Death is a dreading issue to most people. Many philosophers and scientists constantly try to explain the phenomenon behind death and its timing. This is because nobody can avoid death nor does anyone know the day and time of their death. Therefore, the only option left for people is to make death an experience worth living. A good death is one where the diseased is at peace with the world. This means that the diseased has social, spiritual and physical peace. There are some factors that one should look into to ensure a good death. These include having their affairs in order, one should be able to control their pain and discomfort, have few regrets in life and of course receiving mindful care and support.
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Research has it that many people prefer dying at home to any other place. This is because with the warmth of the family and home, it becomes easy to control the pain and discomfort. This is especially with the patients who suffer life-long diseases like diabetes. An increasing number of patients who suffer from these terminal diseases today choose to end their suffering by voluntary death. The patient avoids the pain and hospital appointments he or she would have to go through to survive longer.
Life is a journey that ends well when the diseased has no regrets about life. This is the main reason why people call upon priests at their deathbeds to pray for them and assure them of a good afterlife. Medical doctors profess that before death, one has to fulfill four things. The diseased has to make sure that he or she is at a loving situation with others and not hate. Secondly, they should show gratitude to the people in their lives for supporting them all along. Again, they ought to forgive the people whom they are in wrong terms. Finally, before death, medical practitioner’s advice that the people should seek forgiveness form other people and their spiritual supreme being. A good death should not have unfinished business, broken relationships nor unreconciled damages where possible.
Dying may be scary and sad, but good company and mindful care and support makes it less scary and sad. This is from a case study that showed that terminally ill patients desire treatment just as healthy live patients until their death. Again, it is good to give dying patients hope of life. This keeps them calm despite knowing the harsh reality of their death. It is better to tell terminal patients, “You will make it,” rather than the cold truth. Finally, for one to have a good death, they require the company of their loved ones in their last days to comfort them and give them a warm send off.

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