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Through this course I acquired the knowledge to use in different approaches when dealing with a company internationally. I now have a perspective of the international network, and the challenges in the international environment. My first perspective is the component parts of an international company, and understanding internally how it all comes together. Now I see why it helps to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, prioritize the company’s tasks to solve them in the right order and synchronize efforts to move in the same direction. We covered subjects such as globalization, differences in cultures, the strategy of international business, and the organization of international ...view middle of the document...

By seeing links between consequences, I saw different choices had different consequences and learned to look at trade-offs, pros and cons to determine what is the best choice is, and identify what is lost and what is gained in making one decision over another.

As we got into strategic marketing, I realize it is not your typical marketing strategy of what I have learned in my prior marketing class, but more understanding the different markets in a broader perspective. International and multinational companies must understand the complexity of the markets which they exist. A market is not just a country or audience; it can be defined by borders, cultures, age and more. This shows the challenge of how to approach a segment that is not in one location. I learned to see the complexity of a market in an international context which is much bigger than a local market. There are also political issues to address, socio-economic issues which have a lot more risk involved that you should be considered when opening a multinational business. I also have a clear understanding of what the international value chains is, I see where...

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