What Has Caused The Increased Use Of Digital Technology And Its Effects On Communication

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Over a period of the last 20 years, the digital technology have had a rapid development and influenced the world deeply. It is a kind of science method which can show some information, images and sound through digital media like phones and computers. As the digital media grows, it gradually participates in the society and promotes the communication as a result.


One cause of why the use of the digital technology increases is that during the process of the globalization, a more convenient and widespread way is needed to update the news happened around the world (Thomas, 2008). Since digital technology can provide a much more productive and valid approach to get ...view middle of the document...

According to this, even a poor family will be able to buy some digital media.


Due to the digital technology, the way to communicate becomes various. At the beginning, writing letters is the most common and cheapest way. But now, after the wireless internet technology and mobile phones’ wide use, other means like sending a message and other social network service website such as Face Book, Twitter develop quickly in recent 10 years and most of these forums are free through the internet. So many approaches mean more friends and establish a good social relationship. In addition, these kinds of indirect communication may give some introverted guys confident and chances to make friends with others (Parent Line, 2008).

Not only various, but these forums are updated many times in a second which can keep the instantaneity of transmitting the information (Gideon Yu, the CFO of Face Book). Parents can have a phone with their child even across the Pacific Ocean or chatting online at the same time by clicking “fresh” off the reel. Furthermore, a chat room online comes out which allows to have a live talk together instead face-to-face (Parent Line, 2008).

Another important effect is that the digital technology improves the ability of communication during a catastrophe. On April 20, 2013, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck the Sichuan Province of China, killing more than 100 people and the houses nearby were all collapsed. Many were buried under the ruins. When some survivors tried to ask a help...

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