What Happens When You Mix 3 Different Solutes With Ethanol, Lamp Oil And Water?

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What happens when you mix 3 different solutes with Ethanol, Lamp Oil and Water?

When I mix 3 different solutes; sodium chloride, baking soda and copper sulfate with 3 different solvents; ethanol and water and lamp oil, then the 3 solutes should mix with the ethanol and water but no the lamp oil because lamp oil is non polar and ethanol and water are polar so it will break apart the bonds in the solutes.


Ethanol, water, lamp oil
Sodium chloride, baking soda, copper sulfate
3 beakers
Masking tape
A Sharpe
A 2 pan balance
6 test tubes with stoppers
1 test tube rack
1 mini scoop
Paper Towels
Stop Watch


1. Put on an apron and safety ...view middle of the document...

Measure 5 mini scoops of copper sulfate into the 3 other test tubes and label, below the solvent label, what solute the tube contains
16. Put the stoppers on each test tube and shake till the solutes dissolve
17. Record observations; what happened when the solvent was mixed with the solute, color, odor (use waft test; carefully) and clarity of the solution
18. To test evaporation, dip a small piece of paper towel into one of the solvents and wipe a line across the table have your partner use a stop watch and time how long it takes for the solvents to evaporate completely. Repeat for all the solvents; ethanol, water, and lamp oil
19. Wipe down surface where evaporation experiment was done with soap and sponge
20. To find the density of each solvent, weigh an empty beaker and record the beaker weight.
21. Then weigh each beaker that contain 20mL of the three solvents and record the weight of each beaker with the liquid. Repeat for all three solvents in the beakers.
22. Subtract the weight of the beaker with the liquid by the weight of the empty beaker to get the weight of the liquid. Repeat for all three solvents in the beakers.
23. Then take the weight of the liquid and divide it by the volume of the liquid (20mL). Repeat for all three solvents in the beakers.

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