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What Happens When Muslims Perform The Hajj

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What Happens When Muslims Perform the Hajj

Before entering Mecca during the hajj Muslims pilgrims must follow
certain requirements. Muslims should first say the Talbiya, recited
Arab words used for centuries. Then they should first take a bath as
this symbolises purity. Then they should change into the required
clothing for the hajj, for men this is two sheets of unsown white
material and for women it is a clean plain dress, this symbolises
equality for all Muslims, by all wearing the same clothes the
differences of wealth between all Muslims during the Hajj becomes

Muslims performing the hajj have to follow certain rules while
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So greet us on the Day of Judgement with
the greetings of peace."

When the pilgrim has completed tawaf they will make their way across
to the well of Zamzam. This is where Hagar and her son Ishmael found
water walk is they are not able to, between the two mountians of Marwa
and Safa. These are the mountains which Hagar ran between seven times
to search for water to quench her thirst after she was left by
Abraham. This process which the pilgrims will do is called the sa'y,
many Muslims will recite prayers as they jog. There is now a walkway
there to make it easier for pilgrims and for safely numbers due to the
large number of people performing the hajj each year. Disabled
pilgrims performing the hajj as there are now two passageways for

When the pilgrims have completed sa'y they will then focus their
attention to the next significant stage of the hajj. This will occur
on the ninth day of the pilgrimage and if the pilgrim does not
complete it, he cannot be considered as having don't the hajj. The
plain of Arafat itself is about 13 miles away from Mecca, to the East,
it is 8 miles from Mina. The plain itself is about two and a half
square miles. In the middle of the plain of Arafat lies a hill known
as the mount of mercy, this is where Muhammed preached his last sermon
to his followers. Most pilgrims will not be able to get up and close
with it due to the sheer numbers of pilgrims each year, around two
million at a time could be present. However there is a mosque near
where you can hear a sermon being given to commemorate the sermon
given by Muhammed on his last visit to Arafat. This part of the hajj
is considered to be the most important, in Muhammeds in words he says
"the hajj is Arafat", so it is more important than circling the Kaaba
or even kissing the black stone.

The pilgrims will then be taken back along the road leading to Mecca
but only as far as the hill of Muzalifah which is 4 miles from Arafat.
Here pilgrims will say prayers and gather pebbles.

On the tenth day of the month Dhu-el-hijja, which is known as
Eid-ul-Adha, there will be celebrations of the completion of the hajj
and observe special ceremonies.

Then, as part of the ritual of the hajj all the pebbles that the
pilgrims have collected (seven) will be thrown at the great pillar.
The sacrifice of an animal will also be performed on the day of Eid,
this will usually be a goat or a sheep. This is to commemorate
Abrahams sacrifice of a ram, Bedouin tribesmen will lead hordes of
animals in the area to be sold to pilgrims, pilgrims often share the
cost of an animal if they cannot afford one on their own, the animal
will then be slaughtered either by an employed butcher or a pilgrim
themselves. Some of the meat will be eaten at Mina while the rest will
be given to the poor.

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