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What Factors Need To Be Considered When Determining Whether Or Not Identified Actions Are Within The Domain Of Nursing Practice

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Nurses are always doing new things like procedures, answering questions asked by family members, facing challenges in their day to day routine and often times questioning the legitimacy the of their actions. Most guidelines are found in the policy and procedure handbook on your job. These actions are usually within the scope of the “nurse practice act” and “board of nursing”. Most questions are focused on safety. Safety depends on the nurse’s knowledge, training, and skills. A nurse has a duty of obligation to her patients and to herself. She has to protect her license and integrity as a nurse and deliver competent and knowledgeable services to her clients.
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The Texas board of nursing has formulated guidelines to assist their nurses in determining if actions they take fall within the scope of practice. They have formulated a six step decision making model.
“Six-Step Decision-Making Model for Determining Nursing Scope of Practice
1. Is the activity consistent with the Nursing Practice Act (NPA), Board Rules, and
Board Position Statements and/or Guidelines?
Yes → Continue No → STOP
2. Is the activity appropriately authorized by valid order/protocol and in accordance with established policies and procedures?
Yes → Continue No → STOP
3. Is the act supported by either research reported in nursing and health-related literature or in scope of practice statements by national nursing organizations?
Yes → Continue No → STOP
4. Do you possess the required knowledge and have you demonstrated the competency required to carry out this activity safely?
Yes → Continue No → STOP
5. Would a reasonable and prudent nurse perform this activity in this setting?
Yes → Continue No → STOP
6. Are you prepared to assume accountability for the provision of safe care and the outcome of the care rendered?
Yes → Perform the No → STOP Activity”
Nursing in other states have used these guidelines to govern their thought process and actions. Another set of rules of conduct comes from the “Code of Ethics for Nursing”. The Code of Ethics was developed to guide nurses concerning their duties and responsibilities within their scope of profession. It serves as the blueprint to the nurse’s...

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