What Effect Does The Sun’s Energy Have To Do With The Weather On The Earth?

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GEOG 3510 – 850, ‘Introduction to Meteorology:’ Point Paper Date March 10, 2011


What effect does the Sun’s energy have to do with the weather on the Earth? If it does, how does it influence the atmosphere and our day today weather? What are the implications?

Of the many objects in the universe, only two are essential for life as we know it: the Earth itself, and the Sun: the star around which it circles, year after year. Burning steadily in stable, middle age, the Sun--now about five billion years old--provides an unfailing source of light and energy. (Windows to the Universe, 2008) The Sun's heat is so intense that at a distance of 93 million miles it warms the ...view middle of the document...

(Bradley, 2004)
Key findings from A National Climate Assessment performed in 2000 by Bradley revealed that many ecosystems are highly vulnerable to the projected rate and magnitude of climate change. Rocky Mountains and some barrier islands are likely to disappear entirely. Others, such as forests, are likely to experience major species shifts. Some climate models used in this assessment project that temperatures in the US will rise 5-9°F on average in the next 100 years. Climate change will vary widely across the US resulting in temperature increases that will vary from region to region with heavy and extreme precipitation becoming more frequent, The potential impacts of climate change will also vary widely across the nation.
A range of negative health impacts is also possible from this climate change, but adaptation is likely to help protect much of the US population. Maintaining our nation's public health and community infrastructure, from water treatment systems to emergency shelters, will be important for minimizing the impacts of water-borne diseases, heat stress, air pollution, extreme weather events, and diseases transmitted by animals.

Earth gets all its energy from the Sun and it is the Sun's energy that keeps Earth warm. But the amount of energy Earth receives is not always the same. Changes in the Sun and changes in Earth's orbit affect the amount of energy that reaches the Earth. Our climate is also strongly affected by the amount...

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