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History xxx xxxx
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An American Soldier in World War I

Any individual in one way or another is part of History just by living during a certain time period. This setting takes place during World War I. Through a soldier and his fiancée their constant letters written back and forth to each other also serve as an avenue for the reader to understand in more detail what transpired during this horrific war. Amazingly, by using these letters a new historical book was born, “An American Soldier in World War I.”
George Browne, Brownie, chooses to enlist in the Army when the United States declares war with ...view middle of the document...

New American troops were needed and they arrived on March 24. The first American Division who assumed to have independent control on the front lines actually occurred on April 1.
The knowledge of gas warfare by the Americans was extremely poor. Those forms of attacks were used by our enemies in the war. They contained chlorine, chloropicrin, phosgene, tear, and mustard. Maps were made for targeted areas. Engineers assumed the responsibility to build practice trenches for training. The soldiers who survived combat in late July and early August were very fortunate. Their division suffered more than eight thousand casualties from July 5 to August 6 out of twenty-seven thousand. Brownie in writing to Marty sums it up like this, “this makes a guy feel the uselessness of war when he sees men being shot up and killed!” Leaving Baccarat proved to be memorable in a positive way since his division was on the front lines more than any other American group. Their next orders were to go to Champagne and the Battle of Ourcq River. General Gourand was one of the best French Generals. General Douglas MacArthur is the chief of staff of the Rainbow Division that proceeds to acknowledge that General Gourand had one arm missing along with half a leg, but still was known as one of the best Generals. His perseverance was exemplified regardless of his disabilities. The entire war experience of the wounded became horrifying. The 42nd Division shared in the grief by observing approximately six hundred wounded or dead men. A corporal acknowledged to his dismay that the odor of dead things permeates the atmosphere everywhere. Brownies’ engineers still had to maintain existing bridges and buildings to enable the infantry to receive the supplies needed. Close hand-to-hand combat and numerous casualties marked July 28. Bayonets were the only attack order used here. Three key villages attacked were Villers – Sur – Fere, Sergy, and Seringes – et – Nesles and the surrounding forum. Americans First Army plan of attack was at Saint – Mikiel on September 12, 1918. The German resistance became very light as the American’s skills became strong. Even though the AEF emerged from the Meuse – Argonne triumphant it was a “bloody” battle. Brownie’s dream comes true and the war ends on November 11, 1918. Marty and Brownie are finally reunited...

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