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What Do You Do When Your Not Sure?

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“What do you do when you’re not sure?”
Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something – distrust. The movie “Doubt” measures up to the definition. It provokes questions on morality without allowing the viewer to be entirely sure of what is exactly going on. It makes you wonder if you should empathize with the characters and their hopelessness to find truth and certainty, or if there is a completely different story beyond what the viewer sees. This inquisitive story hinges on suspicions of a kindhearted priest, Father Flynn, fostered by a stern nun, Sister Aloysius, who serves as principal of a catholic elementary school in the Bronx. Trouble begins to ...view middle of the document...

This was strongly based upon the child’s socio-economic environment, which would affect the child more than the quality of the school they attended. Many children, like Donald Miller were being discriminated against. Prior to attending St. Nicholas, Donald attended a public institution where he was treated differently because he was “different,” on many levels. However, after transferring to St. Nicholas school, a private institution, Donald was treated to some degree better then he had been in the past.
Sister James recognizes certain signs that Father Flynn is taking a “special interest in Donald.” She then unconsciously sets the machinery of his undoing in motion by mentioning her suspicions to Sister Aloysius. Sister Aloysius makes judgments about Father Flynn’s guilt and undertakes a vendetta with unquestioning apathy. Shortly after, a war is declared among Sister Aloysius and Father Flynn. Both of these characters are very strong willed and independent in their own way. They both are very confident and determined. However, they are both plagued with the heavy uncertainty of what is right and wrong. Father Flynn seems concerned with upholding his squeaky-clean reputation, while Sister Aloysius is concerned with tearing it to shreds. Throughout the film, drama unfolds and Sister Aloysius goes as far as claiming that she had proof of Father Flynn’s misconduct, when she did not, in order to conquer justice in her favor. Although in reality, she only really brings more guilt and uncertainty her way. However, Father Flynn receives his own justice when he is granted no punishment for the “crime” of an inappropriate relationship between a priest and student, falsely accused by Sister Aloysius.
Sister Aloysius does not appreciate women being considered as second class citizens within the Catholic Church. She begins to feel frustrated and powerless, that she would do anything to bring about change, and Father Flynn becomes her target. Sister Aloysius sets up a meeting with Donald’s mother to discuss the concerns she has in regards to this “special interest.” Yet when Sister Aloysius approaches Mrs. Miller, she is very accepting of the situation and firmly states it is “only till June.” Mrs. Miller...

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