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What Creeps In The Night Essay

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When Jade, a girl about six years old with brown hair and blue eyes, went outside of her new house and found an old play house behind some vines under the house. Jade went inside it to play and she found a strange creature that was small and had purple fur and two big red spots on its back. Jade was scared of it at first but then she looked at it again and it was smiling.Then she went over to it and said, "Hi, my name is Jade what's yours?" "My name is Globo," it answered quickly. "I'm one of the Clastonians" "What are the Cla-Cla-Clastonians?" "We all look like me but I'm different" "Why are you different" said Jade."Well I love humans and the others don't" "I can't ...view middle of the document...

"Okay then follow me into the house" said Jade to her new friend.When they got into the house the fairy hid because Jade's mom was coming to ask Jade about her first day at the new house."Jadeie, how was your day?" asked Jade's mom."Mom we have to stay at this house it's soooo cool." " I met this really nice monster named Globo and a fairy.Jade's mom laughed, "My my, don't you have an imagination".Then Jade's mom left the room and the fairy came out from hiding."Jade did you know that Clastonians don't like humans they try to kill them?!" "Ohh I didn't know that! But why is Globo so nice to me?" "Well Jade remember how he said he didn't want to scare you by telling you?" "Yeah yeah I remember that." "Now tell me tell me." "He thinks that the others are wrong" "If the others found out they will kill you!" "I really don't want your family to get hurt either, so be careful." Later the fairy went out to get some fresh air and a sodetrone was waiting outside for her and then killed her.About two days later the house started to burn and it was obvious that the Clastonians started the fire. Jade escaped miraculously through a hole in the basement wall. Tragically her parents died in the fire. Jade was very upset.A lady that something similar happened to adopted her. Jade lived a good life and always thought of her parents.Jade's adopted mom had a dream that the past would repeat itself. Would this happen? That same night something scary started laughing behind a shadow.So they moved away from that house, but Jade never forgot the things that creep in the nite.

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