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What Cracked Easter Island Essay

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What Cracked Easter Island

The fall of civilizations due to human greediness is no doubt an occurring theme throughout history. Easter Island is an excellent example of this aphorism. Easter Island is said to of once been covered in “rich volcanic soil supporting thick woods” (Wright 121), but approaching the end of the Island’s reign the luscious resources are described as being “utterly destroyed” (Wright 121). “Fools’ Paradise,” an argumentative essay written by Ronald Wright, explains his viewpoint on Easter Island’s downfall, and his agreement with the age old truth that civilizations become “victim to their own success” (Wright 119). This historical truism is agreed upon by many ...view middle of the document...

It came to the point that all out wars occurred over ancient pieces of rotten wood, and there came a day when “there was nothing left but the moai, the stone giants who had devoured the land” (Wright 122).
Wright argues that the inhabitants of Easter Island played right into their own destruction and that they were “seduced by a kind of progress that becomes a mania” (Wright 600). The moai guaranteed that everything would turn out okay if the people kept their faith strong, and because of this the production of these huge statues failed to cease. Wright states that even though almost every single resource had been used, “the sound of hammering still rang from the quarries, and the crater walls came alive with hundreds of new giants” (122). Wright argues that the usage of such great amounts of natural resources caused the good days to be “gone with the good earth” (122) due to the “endless wind” and “flash floods” (122). Although Wright offers many reasons as to why or how Easter Island failed, he agrees with Paul Bahn and John Flenley when they state that the islander’s...

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