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What Constitutes A Research Problem Essay

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Ellis & Levy (2008) state that “Research is a systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information— data in order to increase our understanding of a phenomenon about which we are interested or concerned.”

What constitutes a researchable problem?
According to Calderon and Gonzales (1993) A research problem is (1) any significant, perplexing and challenging situation, real or artificial, the solution of which requires reflective thinking; (2) a perplexing situation after it has been translated into a question or series of questions that help determine the direction of subsequent inquiry. The term research problem implies ...view middle of the document...

There are certain elements that a problem must answer in order to be a thorough problems statement.
1. Why are you doing this study or investigation?
2. What is going to be studied or investigated?
3. Where will the research be conducted?
4. When is the study being done? or when is the data being collected?
5. Whom will the data be collected from?
Guidelines in the selection of a research problem
1. The researcher must choose the research problem. It must be within the interest of the researcher.
2. It must be within the specialization of the researcher. This will in some way make the work easier for him because he is working on familiar grounds.
3. It must be within the competence of the researcher to tackle. The researcher must know the method of research and other research procedures applicable to his problem and he must know how to apply them.
4. It is researchable and manageable.
5. Data is available and/or accessible. The participants chosen will have the knowledge needed.

The following are suggested to guide the researcher in the formulation of her general as well as her specific sub-problems or questions. These are the characteristics of specific questions:

1. The general statement of the problem and the specific sub-problems or questions should be formulated first before conducting the research.
2. It is customary to state specific sub-problems in the interrogative form. Sub-problems are called specific questions.
3. Each specific question must be clear and have only one meaning. It must not have dual meanings.
4. Each specific question is researchable apart from the other questions
5. Each specific question must be based upon known facts and accessible to make the specific questions researchable.
6. Answers to each specific question can be interpreted apart from the answers to other specific questions.
7. Answers to each specific question must contribute to the development...

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