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What Cities Are Doing To Making An Investment In Sustainable Initiatives And Why?

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What cities are doing to making an investment in sustainable initiatives and why?
Climate change issue became very serious challenge for the whole worlds, including growing populations, greater demands for services, strained infrastructure systems, and tighter budgets and resources. Along with big and small companies from different industries, local leader started to take actions to address these issues with innovative investments in sustainable infrastructure projects. Starting from cities in Asia, like Hong Kong finishing with San Francisco, USA, government leaders working on creating “eco-city”
Sustainable city is a city designed with consideration of environmental impact, inhabited by people dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, different kind of pollutions and waste. Cities are the future; ...view middle of the document...

Cities are in need of greater investments and more active public position. So what are local leaders really do to make an investment in sustainable initiatives?
* Improve public transportation system and increase number of electric cars - will reduce car emissions.
* Using Renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines, solar panels that wont harm environment.
* Develop and support local farms, what will make organic food more accessible and reduce the distance food have to travel.
* Planting trees, increase in water features and control buildings design will improve quality of air and reduce the need for air conditioning,
* Providing social benefits. Public amentias
* Support Eco-industrial parks that will improve economic performance and attract more stakeholders.

To sum up with, I want to say that I believe in future of Sustainable cities. It will take a huge effort, moneys and great minds to achieve it, but it worth it. With increasing number of these cities people will significantly improve quality of life, decrease hunger and poverty, and give chance to people develop in their careers and even maybe decrease crime rates. I wish my kids will live in this “eco-city’s” .


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