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What Causes People To Drink Essay

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Good Afternoon guest, Today’s special is lime margaritas. Would you like to try one today? Often when we go out to eat at a restaurant, we are greeted with suggestions of alcoholic drinks. Customers don’t always have the need or urge to consume alcohol, but when suggested at a discounted price. The lower priced alcohol creates a temptation to indulge in it. Can you think of all the reasons of all the reasons of why you drink? In my opinion, the causes of people drinking are; being socially pressured: dealing with stress, and because of social circumstances.
First, people can be pressured to drink? A person does not always have the desire to drink. We are faced with decisions when we got to restaurant. Businesses use a sales strategies called suggestive sales to impulse you to purchase liquor. This ...view middle of the document...

The fear of being rejected can pressure you into the consumption of this addictive beverage.
Drinking alcohol can be used as a way to deal with stress. Stress from work, kids, family, coping with death. Dealing with a stressful job can cause enough stress for you to drink. Such as if you have a mean boss that is hard to please can create a stressful work environment. Teenagers with attitude problem, also generates a sense of pressure that can drive you to drink. Dealing with teenagers who constantly get kicked out of school and don’t follow rules of your house hold form tense relationships between each other. Managing family issues create pressure that can drive you to drink alcohol. Even if the death of a love one or close friend also is another reason why people drink today.
Being active in social community can persuade you to drink. There are social events that can cause you to drink. Birthday, parties, and gathering are examples of events that causes you to drink. If you don’t drink at these events, you can be faced with the reality of being rejected in your social community. These fear can influence you to drink. Young adults feel that they need to do this to feel socially accepted. Drinking alcohol is hobby that young adults believe is cool. So this hobby become more common in their social community.
In conclusion, being pressured, stressed and because of social circumstances can cause you to drink. But the decision it up to you not to drink. Adults need to become more accountable for their actions. Once you understand that you have the control your decisions, and that drinking alcohol is always a choice. The consumption of alcohol is decision you want to do and not what you need to do. Alcohol has always been described as an addiction, but this is not the truth. The intake of alcohol is choice that is misused as an alternative to deal with stress, death, and popularity.

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