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What Can Medical Office Personnel Do To Assist The Physician In Maintaining Compliance With The Controlled Substances Act?

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Zinc oxide-eugenol cements are considerably better tolerated by tissue than other dental materials. As they alleviate pain and are bacteriostatic and antiseptic, they are well tolerated by patients. The cements are good insulators and possess better sealing properties than zinc phosphate cements. Because of their poor mechanic properties, the conventional zinc oxide-eugenol cements are mainly used as temporary fixing contents and filling materials, for gingival dressings and together with filling materials as impression materials. Recently, reinforced zinc oxide-eugenol cements and cements containing ethoxy benzoic acid (EBA) have been developed. These new cements have considerably better mechanic properties and are therefore used for cement bases, indirect capping, long-term temporary fillings and in selected cases as definite fixing cements.
Constituents of a typical zinc oxide eugenol paste are:
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Any movement of the tray as the paste is hardening will lead to a deformed, inaccurate impression.
Setting time depends on:
1. Accelerator additives (e.g. zinc acetate, acetic acid)
2. Exposure to moisture on mixing or the addition of water will accelerate the reaction
3. Increasing temperature causes a faster setting reaction
Setting time is normally 4-5 minutes.
* Non toxic
* Adherence to tissues
* Mucostatic or mucocodisplacive (depending on brand used)
* Good surface detail in thin section
* Good dimensional stability (little or no dimensional change on setting, 0.1% dimensional change during setting)
* Can be added to with fresh zinc oxide eugenol
* Stable on storage and good shelf life
1. Dimensional stability
2. Good surface detail
3. Can be added to
4. Mucostatic or mucocodisplacive
1. Cannot be used in very deep undercuts
2. Only sets quickly in thin section
3. Eugenol allergy in some patients
Adverse reactions associated with the use of eugenol in dentistry
Eugenol is a material commonly used in dentistry with few reported side effects. It is not however, a bio-friendly material when in contact with oral soft tissues. It can produce both local irritative and cytotoxic effects, as well as hypersensitivity reactions. Here we report on two cases of adverse local reaction to eugenol, contained within a temporary restorative material and a temporary cementation material respectively, which illustrate these problems.
* Eugenol has a long history of successful therapeutic use in dentistry, but has the capacity to cause adverse effects
* Eugenol is cytotoxic at high concentrations and can cause allergic reactions in sensitised patients
* This paper illustrates cases of such reactions occurring in general dental practice
a dental cement composed primarily of zinc salts, eugenol, and rosin, used chiefly in temporary tooth fillings. It has low relative strength and abrasion resistance, but its nearly neutral pH causes minimal irritation to dental pulp. It is intended as a sedative dressing until pain subsides and a more permanent filling can be inserted. Also called zinc oxide eugenol dental cement.

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