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What Can I Take Away From The Experience Of Observing This Video That Will Help Me Build Knowledge And Self Awareness In One Of The Following Areas: Therapeutic Communication; Or Inter Professional Communication?

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Upon reflection of the first vignette I am able to gain a clear understanding of effective communication therapy techniques. What stands out to me the most from the first video is the trust that both sally and her husband have in the paramedics. There is a sense of complete faith and willing participation from both Sally and her husband. How the paramedics achieve this involvement is by implementing a holistic approach and some great communicative skills such as expressing empathy, active listening, encouragement and providing information. 'The focus needs to be person-centred rather than nurse- or task-focused and the relationship is a key element’(Bach and Grant, 2011). By taking time to ...view middle of the document...

What the patient says about themselves is essential in order to achieve the best outcome. One must really engage in listening, sometimes the patient may not be able to voice their fears or concerns directly. It is then the job of the health care worker to ‘decode’ messages that patients send. Active listening requires one to give signals by using appropriate non verbal prompts such as smiling, nodding or saying things such as ‘I see’, ‘mhmm’ or ‘go on’ it is also important to relay what the patient is telling you back to them to show that you understand what is being said or conveyed. The paramedic demonstrates this best after he takes Sally’s blood pressure, he gets on her level and asks her in a non confronting way essential questions such as ‘do you have a headache?’ etc. Sally answers accordingly and honestly. Active listening builds rapport, mutual understanding and galvanises trusting relationships.

Providing information is of great significance when receiving information from a patient. It is a feature of the healthcare workers role that allows patients to make educated and informed decisions concerning their care. It requires providing in a straight forward and uncomplicated way, relevant, accurate information that may not already be known by the patient. In the video we see the paramedic informing the husband of his initial thoughts on what may be happening to Sally. He says “…she may have had a stroke… we cant tell”. This is a perfect example of providing information to both the patient and her husband, he is concise, factual and does not provide any false hope which helps to placate husband and wife. It is essential to provide information to patients throughout a health assessment as it will arm the patient with the information needed to help direct their own healthcare.

Lastly encouragement throughout an assessment with a patient helps to improve channels off communication. Showing recognition of the patients achievements however large or small can be very beneficial when assessing. This must be...

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