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What Buddhism And Sioux Tradition Tell Us About Meditation And Having A Vision

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What Buddhism and Sioux Tradition Tell Us about Meditation and Having a Vision
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What do Buddhism and Sioux tradition tell us about meditation and having a vision? First of all, we meditate in Buddhism because it gives us “the nourishment for your spirit and nourishment for your body,” (Hanh, p. 42). We also meditate to heal other or ourselves. In the Sioux traditions having a vision is like healing a person. Only the holy man can have the vision. The method of meditation and having a vision is like a method of relaxing and healing the state of conscious.
Sometimes having a vision is like having a daydream. In Black Elk Speaks, he sometimes has a yonder ...view middle of the document...

When I looked at the sick little boy again, he smiled at me, and I could feel that the power was getting stronger. I next took the cup of water, drank a little of it, and went around to where the sick little boy was. Standing before him, I stamped the earth four times. Then, putting my mouth to the pit of his stomach, I drew through him the cleansing wind of the north. I next chewed some of the herb and put it in the water, afterward blowing some of it on the boy and to the four quarters. The cup with the rest of the water I gave to the virgin, who gave it to the sick little boy to drink. Then I told the virgin to help the boy stand up and to walk around the circle with him, beginning at the south, the source of life. He was very poor and weak, but with the virgin’s help he did this. Then I went away. Next day Cuts-to Pieces came and told me that his little boy feeling better and was sitting up and could eat something again. In four days he could walk around. He got well and lived to be thirty years old. (Pg. 202-203)
This passage interest me because of the way this passage can cure the sickness in the little boy and how this method of healing people was important to the Sioux tradition. This is one of the ways that they can save many people from passing away, especially many people are hungry because there isn’t enough food and clothing during the wintertime. And in the wintertime, there was a war going on, they needed many people to fights against the whites.
Years ago, I was extremely ill. After several years of taking medicine and undergoing medical treatment, my condition was unimproved. So I turned to the method of breathing and, thanks to that, was able to heal myself. Breathing is a tool. Breath itself is mindfulness. The use of breath as a tool may help one obtain immense benefits, but these cannot be considered as ends in themselves. These benefits are only the by-products of the realization of mindfulness. (Hanh, Pg. 23)
The method of breathing is the way of curing the illness in Buddhism tradition. We should know how to breathe in order to...

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