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What Attracted You To Apply For The Unilever Future Leaders Programme

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* Over five years of experience working in customer service industry.
* Highly proficient in diverse retail sales particularly in customer service environments.
* Ability to work independently and under pressure.
* Skilled at planning, budgeting and providing cost-reduction strategies
* Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power point and Internet.
* Excellent telephone ...view middle of the document...

* Team player and hardworking.
Relationships and communications

I am committed to a high standard of communication. I understand the importance of an established culture of two-way communication at all levels and knowing when to restrain any emotions.
All my employers have found me to be a very optimistic and motivated while at the same time act and behave in a professional manner.

Time management

I understand to contract times and stipulations. I understand the laws for reporting dates. Know how to organize work in time frames

Project Management

I undertook a module called Business Games where I was the Managing Director. I took up the responsibilities to become the ‘Completer’, ensuring that there were no errors before submission of the business plan and presentation, as well as encouraging the team to complete the work in order to meet deadlines.

Business Skills

In my time at Aston University I have mentored and supervised many international students and improved their listening and writing skills.

Team Work

I continued to grow as team member while on my society’s debate team and through my advanced marketing class where we had numerous team assignments.

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