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What is there to Web Games?
In this day and age, there is a web game that is either on every page on the internet or at least an advertisement to direct a person that is exploring on the internet to a web game. Since, there are so many web games on the internet, not very many people know what really happens behind the scenes of the web game. This essay would go into details on making the web games, how long it is to make a web game, who the targeted audience is, and what are the pros and cons of playing web games or video games.
The first paragraph would be explaining on how long it would take to complete a web game with a team of experts ...view middle of the document...

The guy that made the web game had stated that the key factors that he had unaccounted for on the reason why the web game development took so long were “music composition; support given by the fans, friends, and family who tested and helped promote the game; time saved by using UDK, in which the information was already there to be used and he was familiar with the engine from an art/design perspective beforehand; time was also saved by choosing a very abstracts’ level-art style; and he was slow”. (gamasutra.com)
Coding within the web game or video game is the bread and butter of the whole system, the thing that makes up the game, and how it works. Web game programmers are the go to people when it comes to making the game. You will hardly just find one programmer for the team; a team could consist of many programmers that would each take a segment of code to work with so that the web game would be created faster. Coding that goes into creating games are “C++, Python, Visual Basic and Perl, among others”. (electronics.howstuffworks.com) To create any unique web games, the programmer would have to be well rehearsed in the before mentioned types of coding. People that only know how to created web games by using other programs can only give the “you a few weapons or colors to choose from, but someone that can write code can invent new weapons and create any color in the spectrum”. (electronics.howstuffworks.com) Video games that require the most precious coding would be “Grand Theft Auto,” Guitar Hero,” “Fallout,” Mario Kart,” “RuneScape,” and “Candy Crush.” There are a total of four type of programming that is right for beginners to start from and they are JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP.
Even though coding is essential to making a web game there can be many thing that could allow the game to not even play. These problems are basically caused by a wrong code or a mistype code. There are a total of ten most commonly made mistakes just with Java Script that I found on the internet. The first error is the incorrect reference to the word this. If you do not place certain coding around the word “this” then you may get an error of “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function”. (toptal.com). The next error is about thinking there is block-level scope. The third error is about creating memory leaks in which “there are numerous ways for them to occur”. (toptal.com) There is a way to clean up the memory leaks and it is by using a garbage collector that is located in the browser. The fourth mistake of is the confusion about equality. This is because JavaScript is always coercing into any value being conjunctional with a Boolean context to a Boolean value. The next common error is the manipulation of the DOM with it being inefficient. The sixth mistake is a loop error; I was constantly getting this type of error while using Alice 2.3 for one of my prior classes. What I had to do was delete everything on the loop and start over in which it fixed the...

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