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What Are The Most Important Factors That Influence Customer Satisfaction When Buying Online

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What are the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction when buying online?

With the rapid development of contemporary social network technology, Internet has deeply changed people’s life in different aspects, such as education, communication, consumption, entertainment. Among these aspects, the pattern of consumption has significantly changed. A recent survey shows that today’s markets have more opportunities for Internet market (according to Nielsen 2010, as cited in Shiau & Luo, 2012). Shopping online became a widespread way in modern life. People just need to click their computers’ mouse instead of going out for shopping. The extensive merchandise and convenience are ...view middle of the document...

In different processes, customers have different feelings about satisfaction which affect their buying behaviors. Although shopping online has many advantages, it also has shortcomings which lead to dissatisfaction. Therefore, the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction when buying online can be summarized as four points: the display of merchandise of online shops; the scale and reputation of website; the service and delivery of website; different culture and background of online-buyers. This essay will discuss these four factors which influence online shopping satisfaction mostly, at the end of this essay will give conclusion and suggestion for online shopping satisfaction.

The first important factor which influences customer satisfaction when buying online is the display of merchandise which includes three parts: Perceived usefulness, reliable information and website design. Firstly, when customers start online shopping behavior, their perceived usefulness would influence their satisfaction (Liao, Palvia & Lin, 2009). That means, the more details online shops described, the more usefulness customers could find which can lead them feel satisfaction. Yulihasri, Islam and Daud (2011) used the theory of reasoned action and technology acceptance model to exam the questionnaires of Malaysia students, they found perceived usefulness has positive effect on shopping behavior. Usually, customers pay more attention to if the merchandise that displayed on the website useful or not when ordering process, the usefulness that customers notice often based on how online shops show their product performance.

The second part of merchandise display is reliable information. Distinct from reality shopping, customers can only realize merchandise through pictures or words on the websites which limits their further understanding of commodities. Reliable and exact information can increase customer satisfaction (Byambaa & Chang, 2012). For instance, a girl who want to buy a dress and judged the dress by the description on the website, but when she received the dress she find the color and size are different from the information that website provide. This inconsistency lead to her feel dissatisfied with this online purchasing behavior and reduce the chance of repurchase. So that accurate description has positive influence on customer satisfaction. In contrast, customers may lose their repurchase intention due to their dissatisfaction with false and rough information that online shop provide.

Apart from perceived usefulness and commodities information. Website design also influences customer satisfaction when buying online. A user-friendly and attractive user interface also has significant effect on satisfaction (Park & Kim, 2003). A well-made website can be easily accepted by different generation customer, it can save customer time of search information. Good design present clear and easy operation interface which increase satisfaction of...

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