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What Are The Four Legal Means That Affect Employment Practices In Canada? Identify And Briefly Describe Each One

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What are the four legal means that affect employment practices in Canada? Identify and briefly describe each one. (20 marks)
The four legal means that affect employment practices in Canada are:
1. Constitutional law.
2. Human rights legislation.
3. Employment equity legislation.
4. Labour law, employment standard and related legislation.
Constitutional law:
Constitutional law is the core of supreme law of Canada that incorporates all written act, statutory rules and the rules of common law. It also includes conventions which are derived from British constitutional history [1]. “All law in Canada come into force on a dispute between private person and the branch of government fall ...view middle of the document...

Employment equity legislation:
Employment equity means the elimination of discriminatory rule/practice which resist the access or retention and unequal consideration of designated group. The purpose of employment equity legislation is to eliminate employee barriers and promote, support and encourage employment equity for four designated group (women, person with disabilities, aboriginal people, members of visible minorities) mentioned in an Employment Equity Act [5]. Besides, new Employment Equity Act (Oct 24, 1996) gave the authority to Canadian Human Rights Commission to investigate equity progress of all federally regulated employer’s to decide if they are suitable with the legislation or not. Employment equity program also includes any newly established HRM activities in an organization to ensure the equity of all aspects of employment such as recruiting, hiring, compensation training [6].
Labour law, employment standard and related legislation:
Federal and provincial labour laws include employee and union...

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