What Are The Company’s Key Resources And Competitive Capabilities? What Competitive Liabilities And Resource Weakness Does It Have? What Opportunities Exist? What Threats To It’s Continued Success Are Present?

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Question 6:

What are the company’s key resources and competitive capabilities? What competitive liabilities and resource weakness does it have? What opportunities exist? What threats to it’s continued success are present?

Google Inc., is one of the leading organization today owing its success to their search engines that were pioneered in the early years, the search engine had everything compiled and is easily retrievable from any devices or computers with internet around the globe. A SWOT Analysis is shown here to state how what are the key resources / weaknesses a organization has, Google Inc. has the biggest rivalries such as Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google Swot Analysis
Strength ...view middle of the document...

2.Quality Assurance and customers satisfaction are Google’s objectives
Everything Google has to offer is by far of high premium quality, products that aim to solve human needs as well as provide them with the best services in order for us to have a better usage of everything in daily life such as Google’s glasses.

3.Financial position.
Google is one of the most profitable companies, with Full year revenue at 66 billion and has a market share of 67.3% from 2014, whereas Microsoft has 19.4% the rest were Yahoo. As of Monday, Apple is worth $598.73 billion, significantly more than Google's $364.99 billion, according to each market capitalization, or the price of a share in a company's stock multiplied by the number of shares outstanding in 2014.

4.Google has many Patents that prevents copyright Infringement
As of 2014, Google patents arsenal was huge, just last year Google made it’s biggest acquisition of Motorola Mobility grabbing it’s trove of 17,000 patents and 7000 patents applications. It has also purchase several more from IBM and picked the rest from Telco companies and auto part makers. Google now control more than 51,000 patents.

5.Product Integration
All of Google’s products can be integrated to use with any operation system in the market, as long as the mobile has internet explorer, chrome or safari it would be able to use the search engine from Google. For example IPhone has safari to be able to use Google search engine.

1.Relies just on a key Source of Income
More than 90% of Google‘s revenue comes from online advertising. Online
Advertising is expected to grow in double digits in 2013 and will grow Google‘s
Income in the short term. But in the long run, Google may experience slow
Income growth or even the decline due to a few reasons. First, the market for
Personal computers is growing slowly and the Google experiences the overall
Decline in its desktop search engine market. If Google won‘t push the competition
Back it will lose not only the market share but the main source of its income as well. Second, Google as many other firms, find it hard to monetize mobile device
Users, who will represent the highest growing group in online advertising. Third,
Online advertising growth is driven by emerging economies where an average
Price for an advertisement is considerably lower than in the developed
Economies, so the growth of online advertising will only grow the income of
Companies insignificantly.

2. Unprofitable products.
 Google has many products and services that add little value for the business and
Make only losses, thus decreasing firm‘s profits.

3. Patent litigations.
 Google is often involved in litigations over the breached patents and other
Intellectual property. These litigations are costly and time consuming and distract
The company from innovating rather than litigating.


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