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What Are The Biggest Challenges In The Field Of Teaching English To Young Learners?

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What are the biggest challenges in the field of teaching English
to young learners?

Being a teacher of English is not an easy job these days. Hidden among the gadgets that offer fast and incredible success in learning English, an English teacher has to fight for his position. Although it looks quite easy to deal with a group of young learners, there are lots of teachers who would never dare to face a classroom full of four or nine-year-old children. Teachers who work with those children know how challenging and demanding the job it is.
The list of challenges that teachers meet while teaching young learners is very long and it seems that every new child brings a new challenge. However, ...view middle of the document...

It could be a phrase, a mime, anything they would accept as a signal for a new chapter of their lesson.
Having even one child in a class that doesn’t want to be part of a group, with bunch of complaints, silly questions and remarks that can obstruct the smooth teaching process is an issue that a teacher mustn’t ignore. That child is definitely looking for someone’s attention. Is he interested in English and all the things you want to teach him? The answer is no. Why don’t we try to make him a teacher assistant? At first, he could just keep a record who is talking, who has done the task first, etc. Next, as a reward, he can be your other voice. Since there are a lot of repetitions in the early stages of learning English, the child can repeat the words and phrases you have said for the class to repeat after him. Thus, he would be the center of the event and he would unconsciously learn.
Attention is an awkward word, completely inappropriate in the description of a class of five years old learners. The lesson shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes because it is how long they can sit still. They can remember a lot, but they are not so thrilled with the same activity going on and on. Therefore, change the activities from speaking, singing and miming to acting, drawing, coloring and finally praising. A simple sticker as an award or just a nice word can motivate the young learners to give their best and achieve something that once looked unachievable. They want to be successful, so encourage them. But be persistent in correcting! Mistakes are not failures; they have to be corrected, though.
Two classes per week for young learners are incredibly small number considering the fact what the expected goals are. This number must be increased up to five times a week especially these days when...

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