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What Are The Advantages Of Going To Westwood College

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With the recent downturn in the nation’s economy, many businesses have downsized, relocated or just shut down. The results of this downward trend are high unemployment, and shrinking numbers in our job pools. Employers have become more selective in their hiring practices due to the high number of applicants. A job that once took only a high school diploma or GED now requires a bachelor’s degree or at the least some college coupled with experience in that specific field of work. The demand for a more educated employee has caused colleges from all over the ...view middle of the document...

To the student hungry for success, the appeal of gaining a bachelor’s degree in such a short period of time serves as a catalyst that drives them to graduation. This system is particularly appealing to those who are currently employed and are seeking advancement in their present field. It is equally advantageous for the student fresh out of high school seeking an edge into the job market. Westwood prides itself in getting the required knowledge to the student expeditiously, without sacrificing efficiency and professionalism. This gives the student the greatest amount of knowledge in the shortest amount of time. Thus creating as little delay as possible in the realization of the student’s goals of graduating and entering into their career field of choice as a qualified and proficient professional.

The commitment shown to the alumni of Westwood College is noteworthy. If a graduate, after six months, has not acquired a job in their career field the school will help pay their bills. This shows confidence in the curriculum and commitment to the student’s success. Allowing any Westwood graduate to attend refresher classes or new classes in their specific career field, free of charge, is a testament to the schools ongoing commitment to its alumni. This ensures that the Westwood graduate remains relevant in the workforce, adjusting to the demand of a changing world.

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