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The importance of industrial relations is the key to the progress and success of an organization. The important benefit of them is to ensure continuity of production. This means continuous employment for all from the managers to the workers. Disputes are the reflections of the failure of basic human urges or motivations to secure adequate satisfaction or expression that are fully cured by good industrial relations. Strikes, lockouts, unfair tactics, and grievances are a few of the reflections of industrial unrest and do not appear in an atmosphere of the industrial calm. In the end “good” industrial relations depends on which theory you find more persuasive: unitarism, ...view middle of the document...

It is also argued that workers are growing discontent from the political dimensions with a view to eliminate capitalism. The gap between rank-and-file members and union officials remain potentially radical while union officials retain their interest in collective bargaining and therefore are willing to collaborate with the government.

Trade unions are seen as part of the class struggle and link their activities to political parties to achieve fundamental change with in our society. Collective bargaining is than seen as a way of co-operating trade unions into the capitalist system. Our underlying assumption of the radical theory remains that there is conflict between classes due to ownership and control of means of production, but is addressed by the market conditions. This macro or societal approach where the theory of unionism develops into a concept of social control, exploitation and the radical class consciousness with the ultimate goal of eliminating capitalism by means does not compare to the pluralism theory of industrial relations.

Pluralism concept has become relevant for the analysis of social processes in industrial relations. Because corporate and property laws the ownership has diffused and through collective bargaining, conflict has become institutionalized. This specialized collective bargaining process has benefited for resolving conflict between labour and management.

People have assumed equality of power of disappearance of conflict among groups is unrealistic in the practical world. The pluralists have made the obvious choice between seeking a greater social equality or greater avenues of liberty. There have been at least three accounts of critique failure; one is the assumption that the political theory assumes equality of power amongst a various constituent groups in our society that helps the government in evolving a public policy based on mutuality and consensus. Another is the economic theory underplays the conflict among various economic groups in our society, whereas history reveals a continuing battle over scarce resources. Here is where conflict is in fact a natural product of scarcity. The third failure is that liberty and freedom are coveted goals and important elements in moralistic philosophy of pluralism should be that one group enjoy more power, freedom or privilege in the society than any other group. Pluralism shows a bias or almost a deliberate vagueness on this issue.

In reality the realm of industrial relations is a specific accommodative process of collective bargaining. The success of this process is resolving conflict between labour and management and depends on an unconditional acceptance of certain broad societal values where industrial controlled by a minority private property interests, managerial prerogatives and bargaining in good faith.

Both unitarism and radicalism approaches postulate the least amount of conflict. Unitarism essentially sees no conflict except as a...

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