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What An Influence Essay

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Have you ever been influenced by someone or feel that you owe someone praise for the person you are today? I’m sure many will say that the most influential person in their life would be their mother or father or even both. In most cases I would say yes, my mother does inspires but I feel like my grandmother has had more impact on my life. She has been there my whole taking in the role as my mother by allowing me to have a great memorable childhood, an easy though at sometimes-hard adolescence, and she’s still here helping me developing into the young adult that I am today. To her, I know raising me must have been a journey.I began living with my grandmother at the age of six. Of ...view middle of the document...

She would also give me assistance with homework, clarifying any of the arithmetic I didn’t understand. Our weekends as well as weekdays were always filled with excitement because my grandma believed that kids should enjoy their youth while it lasted.Developing into a young woman is a hard process as I’m sure many females would agree. Adolescence plays an important part in that process. You are exposed to many emotions and sometimes they’re just not good ones. My grandmother, as well as my friends, was my support system and conscience throughout my development into a teenager. As I look back I can see why she gave me the advice she did and how she reprimanded me as well.Middle and high school life was a different yet interesting experience for me. Becoming a teenager you had more freedom than before and had a say any many things you often had no say at all. When I turned thirteen all I knew was shopping. I had to dress nice in the latest fashions, become popular, and also be noticed by all (or some) of the popular boys. My life revolved around fashion; shopping became a job to me although I was spending and not gaining money. My grandmother tried to keep my wardrobe updated with name brand clothing, such as Guess and Baby Phat, shoes, accessories, etc. because she knew how much it meant to me and she understood where I was coming from. As she watched me develop into a young woman the stringency began. “ Boys only want one thing at this age so be careful,” is what she would say to me anytime she felt I forgot it; this was because she lived the life of having kids at the young age of fifteen and she envisioned a better future for me. Throughout high school she allowed me to stay out on the weekends as long as a came home before 2AM or called to let her know I was staying at a friends house. She often told me at times that she was really proud of me and she was ecstatic that I didn’t join the bandwagon of teen moms attending my high school. At my high...

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