What Affects The Earth's Climate Or ... Doomsday 2012 Is True?

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What affects the Earth's climate or ... doomsday 2012 is true?

A lot of changes of the Earth surface (or our environment) occur now. All media overwhelmed information about changes which happen in our days, everyday. Solar radiation, deviations in the Earth orbit, mountain-building and continental drift and greenhouse gas concentration - this is not a complete set of what is happening with our planet! All of that affect to the climate our habitat and changes occur now are very fast. Let see what going on the Earth!

Plate tectonics

Over the course of millions of years, the motion of tectonic plates reconfigures global land and ocean areas and generates topography.

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In some cases the chain of causality of human influence on the climate is direct and unambiguous (for example, the effects of irrigation on local humidity), while in other instances it is less clear. Various hypotheses for human-induced climate change have been argued for many years. There isn't scientific consensus on climate change is that human activity is cause for the rapid increase in global average temperatures over the past several decades.
Of most concern in these anthropogenic factors is the increase in CO2 levels.
Ocean variability
The ocean is a fundamental part of the climate system. Short-term fluctuations (years to a few decades) and the Arctic oscillation, represent climate variability rather than climate change. Ocean plays a key role in redistributing heat by carrying out a very slow and extremely deep movement of water, and the long-term redistribution of heat in the world's oceans.
Solar output
The sun is the predominant source for energy input to the Earth. Both long- and short-term variations in solar intensity are known to affect global climate.

Three to four billion years ago the sun emitted only 70% as much power as it does today. If the atmospheric composition had been the same as today, liquid water should not have existed on Earth. However, there is evidence for the presence of water on the early Earth. Hypothesized solutions to this paradox include a vastly different atmosphere, with much higher concentrations of greenhouse gases than currently exist over the following approximately 4 billion years. The energy output of the sun increased and atmospheric composition changed, with the oxygenation of the atmosphere around 2.4 billion years ago being the most notable changes. These...

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