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What A Hero Is Essay

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When the word "hero" is spoken, everyone has different thoughts. Some will think of super powers like flying and saving people from villains; while others have a certain person they know or have heard of that come to mind who have done something to make a difference in the lives of others but who is a hero to you? To answer this question you must first ask yourself what a hero is; what comes to your mind when someone says the word. When I am confronted with these questions I always have the same thoughts; smart, strong will power, and someone who stands up for what they believe is right.
Finding someone who possesses these ideal traits is not an easy task to take on, but one person ...view middle of the document...

Throughout his life he was arrested numerous times for various accusations of contributing to illicit actions, mostly involving the American National Congress. After running from the government to avoid incarceration and his 26 years spent in prison he gained his freedom in 1988 (nelsonmandela)(Williams).
After learning about Nelson Mandela’s life of hardship, setbacks, discrimination, and how he still accomplished his goals it made me think of how strong he had to be and how much dedication it took to keep moving forward with a positive attitude. These are the certain qualities Nelson Mandela possessed contributing to him being a hero in the eyes of many people.
“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”; a deep quote spoken by Nelson Mandela on his opinion of hardships in life (Brainyquote). Nelson Mandela was a great man who lived a life with more hardship then most people encounter, but he was able to assimilate to these to make the best out of the situations he faced. When faced with life problems Nelson Mandela was not the one to back down and take a different or easier route no matter how high the level of difficulty was. At the very young age of twelve Nelson Mandela’s father passed away leaving him as the ward of Jongintaba at the Great Place in Mqhekezweni (nelsonmandela). While most twelve year olds are not even interested in politics Mandela was different. While in this position of power he was told many stories which fueled his passion to end the apartheid which he was finally able to accomplished in 1993 (Williams). The death of his father was only the beginning of his struggle.
Nelson Mandela was once quoted saying “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. (Brainyquote) Knowing he wanted to shape the world he lives in he started his plan based off this quote; deciding to get an education. When he was in college he was kicked out due to his aid in a protesting group. Instead of quitting protesting or schooling he carried on fighting for what he thought was right, and went to many different schools until he finally earned his first degree (nelsonmandela). With all these hardships Nelson Mandela’s plans were constantly pushed back farther and farther but he never let this stop him.
Every life comes with hardships and with every hardship comes some sort of setback be it big or small. Nelson Mandela said to his people “do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”, and many times did he fall and get back up (Brainyquote). Nelson Mandela has always had a vision of South Africa where he and his people could live in a community without apartheid. As this vision became clear to him, and he began to act upon his thoughts, the white supremacists began their process on preventing him from achieving his goals. Nelson Mandela was first charge was furthering the aims of communism which ended his work towards an...

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