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Team A
Week Two

Chapter 10 Review
Castles of Eternity
Pages 79-90

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Danny: (pages 79-82)

Petra: (pages 83-85)
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The stones were nine inches square small-block masonry (Boorstin, 1992). Half a century later the Sphinx, Egyptians handled boulders of thirty tons (Boorstin, 1992).
The last king Huni of the Third Dynasty built the first true pyramid known as Meidum. The pyramid was unsuccessful as the bonding of limestone did not adhere for durability.
In the Fourth Dynasty King Seneferu (c.2650 B.C.) built the Bent Pyramid. The pyramid was structured on square ground plan measuring 620 feet at the base, with the first angle of 54 degree rising to the top, then 43 degree with the final level of 303 feet (Boorstin, 1992). This unfinished project was left mid- way to completion.
The Red Pyramid of Dahshur was the earliest tomb completed as a true pyramid (Boorstin, 1992). The pyramid is known for the use of underlying blocks of local limestone at stood at 43 degree angle (Boorstin, 1992).
In the stages of planning pyramids architects learned how to increase stability by layering stones of inner limestone base at a slope (Boorstin, 1992). The Fourth Dynasty revealed the Great Pyramids in Giza (c.2500-2650 B.C.) (Boorstin, 1992). Great Pyramids contained 2,300,000 hewn stone blocks weighing two and a half tons. The pyramid rose 482 feet and the base covered 13.1 acres.
Future Skyscraper
The ancient Step Pyramid inspired man’s modern skyscraper mid-nineteenth century, commonly seen in major cities globally (Boorstin, 1992). Graffiti by pilgrims in the age of Rameses II revealed, a monument discovery evoked creative powers of man the architect, organizer, power of community and inspiration to awe (Boorstin, 1992). The Six Step pyramid was most likely used for a tomb but the structure was an early sign of constructive power of the state.
Katrina: (pages 86-87)
2000 years after the construction of the Great Pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still standing today, the tourist-historian Herodotus visited the pyramids and put together his theories on how and why the pyramid was built. Herodotus also based his assumptions and theories regarding the creation of the pyramid on pictures and inscriptions found in the stones.
According to Herodotus the pyramid was the work of forced labor of a hundred thousand men, relieved every three months by a fresh lot Herodotus came up with the number of workers by the Egyptian characters that were inscribed on the pyramid. Herodotus imagined that there was a machine that moved the stones to build the pyramid, but there is not documentation to prove this theory. Herodotus believed that King Khufu (Cheops) would have done anything to complete the pyramid that was to house his soul. Medieval Arabs believe that an ancient king foresaw the great floods and had the pyramid built to protect the secrets of science. Other visitors of the pyramid...

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