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Wha Is Hardware And How It Works

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Hardware assignment Unit 1

Q1 Explain the function of: - 4 -
Hardware: - 4 -
Motherboard: - 4 -
CPU: - 4 -
RAM: - 4 -
ROM: - 4 -
Cache memory: - 4 -
Hard drive: - 5 -
Software: - 5 -
Operating system: - 5 -
Application software: - 5 -
Q2 Explain how those basic computer hardware & software interact within a computer system - 5 -
Q3 How many types of computers do you know? Please enumerate their characteristics and explain their difference in form of: Usage, Price, Space, Benefits and inconveniences. - 7 -
Q4 the evolution of computer processor is growing faster. Explain the development of computer processor. As we move from one core to dual and ...view middle of the document...

Often referred as the processor or the central processor, the CPU basically interprets instructions and carries out the data processing; it is where most calculations take place.
Random Access Memory could be defined as the short term storage area of the PC. The RAM, is electromagnetic storage that loses all its data as soon as the power is turned off. The operating system and in general all applications, including games use it to store data that is required at speed; as a result, if the computer has a large amount of memory it will perform faster given that the CPU is not being unused waiting for data to be retrieved from slower components such as the hard drive.
Read Only Memory is the memory where the basic instructions for operating the hardware are in the system. Its contents can be easily accessed and read but cannot be changed even if the computer is shutdown; ROM is programmed when fabricated, so it cannot easily (if at all) be reprogrammed.
Cache memory:
Cache memory is a block of high speed memory that speeds the computer by storing the data that has recently being used so, when the user requests some data the system will check the cache memory first and load it immediately; that if it has been used recently, reducing the access time; if it hasn’t consequently it isn’t present in cache then the computer will load it from the main memory which will take longer. When the cache memory is built into the CPU is referred as Level 1(L1), if it resides on a separate chip is referred as Level 2 (L2) and/or Level 3 (L3). This last one works hand-in-hand with L1 and L2 cache to improve computer performance.
Hard drive:
Commonly known as the computer’s primary unit of storage, it is where the data is stored permanently, although it can also be deleted if the user chooses to do so. However it is good to mention that the hard disk drive (HDD) often shortened to “hard drive”, is the mechanism that controls the positioning, reading and writing of the hard disk which is where the data is stored; they are packaged as a unit so together are commonly referred as hard drive.
Operating system:
Operating System (OS) is the software that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer, it communicates with the computer hardware on the most basic level; it organises and controls the hardware and the software so that the device behaves in an expected way. The type of operating system that a computer has also determines what types of software can be run on it.
Application software:
It is a program that is designed to help the user to perform a particular task, for instance world processors or spread sheets.

Q2 Explain how those basic computer hardware and software interact within a computer system:
Hardware and software independently and/or together are useless without an operating system (OS). The OS function is to manage them, providing common services for the...

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