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Wgu Qat1 Task 4 Essay

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QAT1 Task 4
Company A is installing a Web-based customer-feedback system to meet customer needs
for quick response when rolling out new products. A new product line is rolling out in 34
weeks and the customer-feedback system must be installed and running in time for the new
product launch.
Table 1.1 in the attached worksheet “PERT/CPM Tables” shows three estimates of the time it
will take Company A to complete each of the activities and project tasks in the customer-feedback
system project (optimistic, probable, pessimistic).

Company B is installing a similar feedback system to accompany a new product line and
originally had the same time line as Company A. Company B just ...view middle of the document...

Slack for project task A
c. Slack for Project task H
d. The week project task F is scheduled to start
e. The week project task I is scheduled to finish

3.a.) The entire project should take 33.5 weeks. I determined this by adding the durations of each task along the critical path.
3.b.) The slack for task A is 6.5 weeks. Meaning it can start 6.5 weeks late and the project will still end on time. The latest start was calculated by latest finish, week 9.5, minus duration, 3 weeks, giving 6.5 weeks as the latest start (9.5-0=6.5)
3.c.) The slack for task H is .5 weeks, because the next project, task J, has another predecessor, task I, which is scheduled to end ½ a week later than task H.
3.d.) Project task F is scheduled to start week 7, because the only predecessor is task B which starts at week 0 and has an expected duration of 7 weeks.
3.e.) Project task I is on the critical path, so the earliest start/earliest finish are the same as the latest start/latest finish dates. The scheduled start date is at week 23.5, then add the duration, 6.5 weeks, to get the finish week of week 30 (23.5+6.5=30).

4. Determine the probability of completing this project in time for the product launch in 34 weeks, showing all your work.

To find the probability, I added the variances of the critical path (BFGIJ) to get the project’s variance, 6.53. I then got the square root of the variance to get the project’s...

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