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Task 3

When discussing leadership it’s important to know that there are 5 bases of power. Those 5 bases of power are coercive, reward, legitimate, referent, and expert. Coercive can be described as someone with power using that power to make someone do something they do not want to do. Reward is just that, offering a reward. A manager might offer a reward to the employee who has the highest production rate. This, in theory, drives all employees to work harder in hopes of a reward. Legitimate power is when someone does something they are asked because of the job title or role of the person asking them. Referent power is when someone does something they are asked to do ...view middle of the document...

The paragraph that discusses employee 3 and the sales department, the referent power is being used. Employee 3 is able to persuade others to give his idea a chance based on his/her enthusiasm and the fact that others admire him.

There are relationships between the bases of power in the scenario and the dependency in the organization. In the first paragraph employee 1 and the marketing manager are discussed. In this situation the reward and coercive powers are used, by rewarding employees a bonus if they receive a superior rating on their performance evaluation and coercing them to work late and on their off days. Employee 1 shows a dependency for this reward and succumbs to this coercion because he/she has plans to use this bonus to finance a vacation. She works late and comes in on weekends to ensure that all work is completed and completed correctly. This also leads to more production at a higher level for the organization.
The second paragraph involving employee 2 and the accounting department shows the use of the expert and legitimate powers. Employee 2 is the only employee in the organization with a CPA. Since employee 2 is the only person with a CPA, he/she is the only employee that can prepare the company’s financial statements. Obviously the company is dependent on employee 2 because the financial statements have to be done and accurately. Employee 2 uses this to his/her advantage to negotiate a shortened work week. While everyone else in the department works a full 5 day week, employee 2’s expertise allows employee 2 to only work 4 days a week. Employee 2’s manager uses his role in the company to negotiate this deal. He uses his legitimate power.
The third paragraph involving employee 3 and the sales department shows...

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