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Westminster Essay

807 words - 4 pages

Brandon D. Weaver
Col. 103- 013
Amber Morgan
10, March 2012

“Who Moved My Cheese?” Reflection

The book ,Who Moved My Cheese? Was an excellent read for this to be such a small book it has a huge meaning behind it. I believe overall the book is about achieving success, evolving, and how to deal with changes, whether they are sudden or gradual. According to,” Ten Ways to Deal with Change,” by author Laurie Maddalena, is to,” step away, take a breath, and take some time to think about the impact of change and the strategy for moving forward.” This is the main problem that Hem had, instead of moving he got so caught up in the change that he could not think rationally. Also, ...view middle of the document...

After a while of being antisocial I finally broke out of my shell and started to make friends. I think is the first time I dealt with being afraid of change. Just like Haw states, “what would you do if you were not afraid? (Johnson ,49) the best way to deal with it is to realize change is human nature. For example, look at how cavemen and women evolved into modern day homosapiens. There is always a challenge when it comes to changing, but if you face that challenge and come out victorious the reward is much greater. I believe the major problem with change is not the change itself, but how some of us view change, but if you stay positive and focused the change can always have the potential to be good. I know in my personal life I have dealt with people who I like to call a,” Hem mentality.” This certain person, I will not call any names, has the intellect to be anything they want to be, but they cannot let g o of their fear of failure. This person is also afraid of leaving others behind, but I feel you should not allow anything or anyone to hold you back. It is okay to be...

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