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Western Civilization Ii Final Exam Essay

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Western Civ. II Final Exam

1. What impact did the American Revolution have on Europe?

The American Revolution impacted Europe in certain ways. The most obvious would be Great Britain declaring war on the Americans due to their attempt at seceding and being their own nation. However, there were other countries involved in the American Revolutionary War as well, especially France.
France wanted to aid the Americans for the reason of getting back what was taken from them by the British in 1763. At first, they sent the Americans weaponry, and the first significant victory by the Americans (The Battle of Saratoga) was won primarily using French weapons. Seeing that the Americans were able ...view middle of the document...

Due to parliamentary acts of enclosure, certain parts of land were redistributed from tenants to landlords. Despite thousands of farm families no longer being able to make a living, these tracts of lands were being placed under more effective management, since some landlords were willing to experiment; some examples would be using new farming tools and fertilizers and scientific breeding of livestock. This caused a sizable increase in output, but this also caused many farm workers to find employment in desperation, and many of them went to work in factories.

The beginnings of mass production also made an impact on the Industrial Revolution. Since 1760, machines were invented to produce larger amounts of output than human labor alone. It would only make sense to operate several of these machines at one time, which is what would be known as a “factory”. The biggest boost to factory production occurred after the development of efficient steam engines, which were initially created by Thomas Newcomen around 1700. These...

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