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Wellness And Learning Program Essay

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Chapter I



Nutritional status is a measurement of how well the nutrients in your diet are meeting the physiologic needs of your body. Health care professionals like registered dietitians, nurse and physicians are trained to review and assess many different parameters to assess a persons nutritional status. They do this through the use of medical tests and other tools that provide dietary information. Nutritional status is the balance between the intake of nutrients by an organism and the expenditure of these in the process of growth, reproduction, and health maintenance. Because this ...view middle of the document...

What ever method is chosen for assessment of nutritional status, the data obtained must be compared with reference data to produce an indicator of nutritional status. The quality of the available reference data is therefore another factor that affects the assessment data.

Good nutrition is a vey important to every intermediate pupils; these can help them be more active in class; this can help them get higher grades and be successful in life. Eating vegetables and fruits can make our body health and this can affect the study habits and daily life of the intermediate pupils and make them active. With these, intermediate pupils can concentrate more in their studies and do more tasks. A good study habits also involved the place where the intermediate pupils can feel more comfortable and relaxed, especially to those who are aspiring to become honor pupils. It is important to look closely at the current nutritional status of the intermediate pupils thus, this study undertaken in order to generate information on the nutritional status of intermediate pupils. This will lead to the awareness of pupils on food and eating habits and its implication to help them grow on their physical, social and mental development and become a productive citizen.

Malnutrition in the Philippines is caused by a host of interrelated factors health, physical, social, economic and others. Food supply and how it is distributed and consumed by the populace have consequent impact on nutritional status. While reports indicate that there are enough food to feed the country, many Filipinos continue to go hungry and become malnourished due to inadequate intake of food and nutrients. In fact, except for protein, the typical Filipino diet was found to be grossly inadequate energy intake, the body utilizes protein as energy source.

The present economic situation of the country further aggravates the malnutrition problem with 28 million Filipinos unable to buy food to meet their nutritional requirements and other basic needs. While it was reported that the health status of Filipinos improved in terms of the decrease in the mortality rates of mothers and infants, the rising incidence of infectious diseases such as diarrhea and respiratory diseases contributed to the poor nutritional status of many Filipinos. is the nutritional status of the Philippines#ixzz1zF72P07t-06-30-12

Conceptual Framework

One contributory factor to quality education is the improvement of the health and nutritional status of school children. It is observed that there is a slow process of learning and minimum learning competencies in children who don’t have or receive proper nutrition. Thus, proper nutrition should be given to...

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