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Welcomed Relief Essay

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A Welcomed Relief: Obamacare In My Home
Jenna Tennyson

A Welcomed Relief: Obamacare in my household
In today’ day in age, we have so many Americans that are at or below what we now consider to be the “working class”. My family and I are a part of this group. While the cost of living can be enough to financially break a family of four, take into consideration the cost of healthcare. The two together are nearly impossible to afford. I feel privileged to be able to partake in our county’s new Obamacare program. It will be an affordable and accessible system that will provide so many, including myself and my family, the healthcare that we deserve. Among all of the resources that Obamacare will provide, mental healthcare will be the resource that I favor most.
Obamacare is a blessing to so many individuals and families because it is finally an affordable solution to our healthcare imbalance. For so ...view middle of the document...

Obamacare will also be accessible. Health insurance today seems to come very sparcely. A person can obtain it through their parents (or their work), their spouse (or their work), or from work of their own at a pricey fee. Even once the insurance is obtained, each and every hospital visit, every doctor’s office visit, and every prescription refill comes at almost impossible deductions. The only time this comes as a blessing is when tragedy strikes and you “only” need to meet your deductible. Now we have healthcare that everyone can have, or better yet, must have. Every American, as of 2014, must have the minimum of basic health care insurance. If not, for every month uninsured, they will pay a fee. What I mean by accessible is that now, instead of coming so far and in between, we will be able to gain access to hospital visits, doctor visits, and specialty visits with a low payment every month. Those of us that have not been able to get the care we need will now be able get it.
Among all of the resources that come with the new health care program, I am looking forward to the mental health portion for two reasons. First, I consider myself to be a little “new age” in my ways of thinking. I say this because I feel enlightened with therapy and opening the paths of thinking to better myself. I will now be able to gain access to the therapy that I have not been able to obtain since I was on my Mother’s insurance. Second, I have always dreamed of working in the a mental health facility. With this new program, services will be accessible for many more people, meaning there will be many more jobs to be obtained for people like me.
In conclusion to the topics that I have spoken about, life has the potential of getting a lot easier very soon for the majority of Americans. Whether accessibility, affordability, or specialty is their reason for excitement, people are excited. This new health care plan is changing not only my life but the lives of so many.We will finally be closer to equality as a country.

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