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Weird Book Idea Essay

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My father died when I was nine years old. My mother knew that he was gone even though she was not with him when it happened, because her mark burned in a way that she said she could not describe and then within seconds it faded and disappeared completely, as if it were never there in the first place. Then, about a week after my his death, my mother woke up to find that she had a new mark, a pale red one that was barely visible, but it was there, and with it came a new soul mate. My father had been gone six years and her mark did not burn any brighter than it did that first morning. Until December last year, that is.
We were on a holiday in New York City when my mother’s mark started getting ...view middle of the document...

It was a big change to move here from South Africa, and there are many things I am still getting used to. A tall, round man bumps into me as he rounds the corner, knocking his newspaper to the sidewalk. “Watch where you’re going you arrogant teenager,” he shouts as he picks it up and continues to rush along, without so much as another glance in my direction. Another thing I have noticed about people in this city is that so many of them are angry all the time, even when they have no reason to be. I always notice the people who walk around with permanent scowls on their faces and wonder what caused those angry lines to be etched into their faces. Was it the stress from their jobs taking a toll on them or their children that may not be content with what they have and still expecting more from an obviously tired and hardworking parent? I guess I would never find out, but it never stops me from overanalysing other people and their behaviour.

“My new soul mate is there. I can feel it.” My mother had said on the day she told me that she had accepted a job offer in Manhattan. I had always wanted to leave South Africa, so I was excited when the time came. Now we have been here for almost two years Mom still hasn’t found the “soul mate” we had...

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